The purpose/mission of the National Brain Injury Foundation is to provide social support groups, advocacy, and information to people with brain injuries and their families.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Mysteries and Marvels of Memory

Leading researchers from around the world present their latest research into the neuroscience of memory at New York University. Full Report

Monday, April 26, 2010

NBIF - Friday, May 14th @ Hotel Utica. Please click the link below and support all non-profit Social Charity Participants. Thank you.

Social Charity Dates and Venues Announced

We are proud to announce the Official Dates & Venues for our 1st Annual Social Charity Fundraiser! We couldn't be more excited to be involved with such great organizations and the people that work with them. Please mark these dates in your calendar and do your best to make it out to the events. ---> CLICK HERE

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Living with Trau­mat­ic Brain In­jury by Craig Sears

Find more videos like this on Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Network Development Project

Man defies odds to earn black belt

After being involved in a horrific car accident at the age of 12, doctors didn’t expect Danny Campbell to live. The Great Kills resident not only survived, but he has overcome the lengthy, painstaking rehabilitation procedures, putting a punctuation mark on that recovery when he earned a black belt in karate early last month. For the rest of this inspiring story... News Article: Services Improve Diagnosis of Brain Injuries, PTSD

“There were concerns early in the conflicts that members suffering PTSD or TBI might be separated under the non-compensable, exclusive diagnosis of a personality disorder,” Rice said in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee’s military personnel subcommittee. “Such concerns were reasonable, given our nascent understanding of these signature injuries.” News Article: Services Improve Diagnosis of Brain Injuries, PTSD

Doctor uses Botox to treat brain injury damage

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A traumatic brain injury can cause drawn muscles in the arms or legs, and painful muscle spasms. But one Iraq veteran suffering from a brain injury is getting help - from Botox. Watch Video

Monday, April 19, 2010

The NBIF has been added to...

50 Best Blogs for Neurology Students

The workings and nuances of the human body understandably fascinates almost everyone, but only a (comparative) handful of individuals channel that curiosity into passion. And the passion, in turn, into a medical career. Neurologists, neuroscientists, and their contemporaries in cognitive psychology, science, and/or development narrow their focus to – of course – the nervous system. Most of them tend to emphasize the brain over the other elements due to its status as one of the most essential organs for survival and fascinating complexity fraught with unexplored nooks and crannies. Visit Site

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New period of brain 'plasticity' created with transplanted embryonic cells

UCSF scientists report that they were able to prompt a new period of "plasticity," or capacity for change, in the neural circuitry of the visual cortex of juvenile mice. The approach, they say, might some day be used to create new periods of plasticity in the human brain that would allow for the repair of neural circuits following injury or disease. Read on...

Hyperbaric chamber may treat traumatic brain injury

The Defense Department hopes to find a better treatment for the 100,000 troops who have been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury since 2003, and it's looking at hyperbaric chambers — often used in cases of carbon monoxide poisoning — for the answer.

Although there have been studies looking at the impact these pressurized oxygen chambers have on TBI patients, none has been able to definitively answer whether hyperbaric oxygen can reduce or eliminate chronic symptoms of TBI such as headaches, memory loss and mood swings. A new clinical trial, which is expected to begin in January 2011, is designed to do just that. More