The purpose/mission of the National Brain Injury Foundation is to provide social support groups, advocacy, and information to people with brain injuries and their families.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Helping Children Cope with Head Injury in the Family

Key points

  • Children, like adults, are affected emotionally when a close relative, especially a parent, is head injured.
  • They need honest age-appropriate information to help them understand head injury, and an opportunity to express feelings and concerns. Sometimes counselling may be necessary.
  • Children (of all ages) can feel that they are to blame for the injury and need to be reassured about this.
  • There is a link between the ways that children and adults cope with stressful events. It helps if adults can model positive coping strategies for the younger members of the family.
  • Head injury services do not routinely offer support to children, so adults need to be proactive about asking for help.

Click Here to read entire chapter. Very good information.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Joel Goldstein, author of "No Stone Unturned", a book describing the long treatment cycle of his son, Bart Goldstein, after a serious car accident caused traumatic brain injury. Anyone who has had a loved one suffer a TBI, (over 6 million people in the US have had TBIs including over 320,000 veterans of Iraq and Afganistan) will find Joel's discussion both educational and inspiring.